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QuickBooks prepared add-on solutions for barcodes

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QuickBooks add-on solutions that fill critical gaps for your business.

Make QuickBooks efficient - speed and accuracy.

Don't lose or annoy customers - never bill customers for something you have not despatched.

Don't give away stuff - never despatch something without billing for it.

We offer you continuity of service - we think you might be in business for 5, 10 years or more - and possibly (more than likely) will change a few things in that time - and we think you don't want the cost or upheaval of changing everything (but also we bet you'd like the flexibility to do so, if you wanted).

Low risk = low annual cost - no contract - flexibility to change at any time - FREE modifications - FREE upgrades.

TIP: Never 'invest' in an expensive 'system' thinking you will use it for more than 2 years - it does not work like that. Always ask - "What if we need a change in 6 or 18 months" - is a change to the system possible; how long will it take and the cost. Ask - "Will it carry on working if we upgrade QuickBooks or upgrade to Vista" - and if not how much will it cost. "What happens if we change barcode readers in 3 or 5 years".

Solutions for barcodes
CityLink Despatcher - QuickBooks BARCODE.CO.UKadd-on. No risk annual software license. PA
Now £1,249.00 excl VAT
(£1,498.80 inc VAT)
RRP 1,899.00 excl VAT

Accessories. Please call for advice.

With many accessories, call and we make sure all are correct for your configuration.